The New Version of What’s In A Name

MOCK UP - Front & SpineWhat’s In A Name has a new book cover. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you briefly the reason for that change and some others since the novel was first self-published. Self-publishing has allowed me not only to learn from the mistakes I made during the writing process but also to correct them. I have been keen to take advantage of all these opportunities because they help me improve the work and be better at what I do. But recently I took a new strategy that has resulted in my bringing the narrative and the overall product as close to perfection as I found it within my power to have done. I began by giving the narrative one final copy edit.

According to Amazon, if a book was previously published and the new version contains “significant changes,” then that version should be considered a new edition. Amazon went on to say that “an edition is a particular version of a book.” I want to be honest with you and myself about this book in light of this latest version.

Although I did not hire an editor, I learned to become one, but I did requisition an editorial assessment from an early stage in the writing process. Unfortunately, my initial idea of what it took to write a novel was counter-productive and counterfactual. I came to that conclusion both during the writing process and after the initial publication date in October 2016. As a result, I was able to exploit each opportunity for improvement as it presented itself. I read somewhere that it is in pursuit of the goal of avoiding the pitfalls of editorial mistakes that it is essential to hire an editor. Such mistakes, I inferred, could cost me my credibility. But I had already taken my chances; the die had been cast. Although having written and then edited my own work for publication was counterintuitive, the process was one of esteem-building and my having proved to me that I have what it takes not just to be an editor but my own editor. I had decided on a course of action, and I stuck to that decision despite repeated failures. (That is sisu, which is a Finnish concept that I adhere to, and you can find out a little more about its philosophy in the footer of I have done the work. But please allow me to return to the business of my being honest.

Given my unorthodox editorial decisions and my education path, I decided that I should simply stick with the phrase “a new version” instead of “a new edition.” I thought that the former sounds less formal and more commensurate with the process I followed. I thought that, while my ideals as a writer/storyteller were lofty, the process and my decisions around publication were a means to an end; the novel did morph and made it through several forms.

I have removed its subtitle, “every woman knows her own sorrows,” although that element has not been modified or removed, and the authorship information, including any contributors, has not changed, either. I had thought that I would need a new imprint or ISBN, but I did not.

Ultimately, this new version, by which I mean the latest and final form of the original manuscript, are part and parcel of one common goal: my commitment to learning grammar and the craft of writing and to using this particular story to help me achieve those goals. The “new version” of What’s In A Name is now available, and that version also includes a preface. The preface allowed me to share how the book’s genesis came about, my purpose for having written it, and some insights into who I am.

Here’s to the future and tying it all together and saying thank you.

Garie McIntosh

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