About Garie McIntosh

My interest is in writing literary fiction with strong, authentic characters that are defined by strong writing and themes. And my goal is to engage readers through my use of language that is unique and intriguing. I’m currently working on future writing projects.

As a writer, my goal is that my prose reinforce the power of communication. My first novel, What’s In A Name, is a narrative tale about a twelve-year-old girl with an unthinkable injury that causes her to “lean” to one side and accept a new name that unknowingly perpetuates the emotional damage that the injury has caused.

Twenty-two years later, she feels trapped by her inauthentic name that hides a dark secret. It is a name she easily accepted so that she would never have to speak of the crime against her that she accepted blame and responsibility for. She has been successful at this silence, up until now. A recent series of events has led her to confront all that her name means, what’s hidden—what’s in her name.

I was born in Jamaica and immigrated to Canada in 1990 when I was fourteen years old. In high school, I knew I wanted to be a writer. Since March 2016, I have dedicated himself to learning the craft of prose fiction writing and studying all aspects of English. I wrote What’s In A Name and then went on to write my second novel, which is currently unpublished. I am currently working on future writing projects, and will continue to live out my life’s purpose as a writer into the foreseeable future.